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Is your Business

Safety Compliant? 


About Us

We are a child safety educational company that help businesses, primarily SMEs to incorporate safety procedures into their day-to-day activities to ensure safe work and reduce loss of any kind.

Mission & Vision

Our vision: To become the most innovative safety educational brand for African children by 2030

Mission statement: We reduce the rate of accidents affecting African children by creating unique products and providing active leadership and support.

Our Services

Our team develops health and safety systems and gives advice that is practical and proportional to the business’ risks and goals. We aim to change attitude, improve general health and safety awareness and advocacy in the society.

We Love Small Businesses

Imagine a world where the average SME owner has built-in safety features in his/her business to reduce the probability of accidents, incidents, loss of life and property! That’s right, it would be a world where businesses are safer and remain profitable to society. We would love to speak with you.

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