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No two companies are the same; therefore we believe in tailoring our services to your specific needs.

Child Safety Education Tools

We create unique safety education products for African children and educators to address the safety education gap in schools. Check out our store for a variety of educational tools.

Awareness Training

As part of our plans to make an impact in our environment, Ulomka offers free general safety awareness training to businesses and the general public. We understand that an enlightened people translates to higher safety consciousness and this would ultimately lead to a safer environment for all. We would love to speak to your people.


Safety Equipment Supply

Ulomka supplies safety equipment relevant to your business operation and risks. Different businesses have varied safety needs, requirement and scale of purchase. Therefore, we take the stress off you by providing the right safety equipment directly to your business.

Poster Packs

Ulomka offers poster packs for different work environments. Pictures are worth a thousand words and that is why we have animation posters specific to the African context. Our poster packs are visible reminders in the workplace to ensure safety precautions are followed.

Train Them Young Initiative

We believe the children are the future. This initiative entails school visitation to teach young people about Health and Safety. The aim is to boost HSE advocacy and increase awareness.

HSSE Consulting

Ulomka offers Consulting services in diverse areas of Health, Safety, Security and Environment. We listen to you and proffer advice that would be best suited for your particular operation. We are interested in helping you incorporate effective structures that would keep your business both safe and profitable to society. This can be done on a one-off basis or through a retainership.

Additional Services

We also offer other specialised trainings at affordable rates.

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