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  • 3 Important Safety Tips for Children this Holiday

    Over the weekend I was on the radio program of @readlandng and I was asked this question. I’ve decided to share here…

  • School Safety Summit 3

    Once slots fill up, the offer is closed. Time is of the essence. So, I know schools are on holiday…

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  • Do you know why you need safety knowledge?

    When I saw my mum on the floor at an accident scene in 2013, I screamed and rushed to her.…

  • How to prevent poisoning from house hold items

    Children, especially those between the age of 0-6 tend to eat anything they can on sight, and by so doing…

  • Apply and win free training slot

    If you’re on my mailing list or on my Facebook group, The Safety Tribe, kindly check you have a message…

  • Is your child ready for an emergency

    Last week, we had a Ghanaian Police Officer demonstrating to children how to disarm a kidnapper (refer to previous video).…

  • How being proactive can be an amazing accident prevention strategy

    How you do small things determines how you’d do big things. I’m sad that avoidable safety incidents and accidents keep…

  • Tips to reduce safety incidents around pets

    *5 Tips to Reduce Safety Incidents With Pets* Do you love pets? Are you making plans to buy a pet?…

  • How to prevent accidents around school buses

    Has your finger ever been hit in the process of someone slamming a vehicle door? This might seem “small” or…